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Giardiniera has long been a Chicago favorite and is enjoyed throughout the country as well. In 1925, this Chicago-style Giardiniera was invented.

During the great depression, when food and other goods were scarce, the idea of serving thinly sliced beef on a bun and loaded with gravy became very practical. It quickly grew in popularity, and it eventually became Chicago's most famous ethnic food: the original Italian beef sandwich....and soon, the perfect topping to this sandwich was born - Chicago-style giardiniera!

The authentic Chicago-style giardiniera recipe that Michael Angelo uses today, has been around since the 1920's. The reason the recipe has stood the test of time and is as delicious today as it always has been...is because Michael Angelo's giardiniera is still being made the old fashioned way - by hand!

Ahh...That's Italian Product Line Ahh...That's Italian Product Line Ahh...That's Italian Product Line
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